Many times as we visit a question or problem is raised that requires investigation.  Always we want everything to be normal with one notable exception …. Thyroid problems.  So many wished that was the problem, low thyroid function.  The disappointment is palpable.  So I figured we could talk about it.

What does the thyroid do? 

Almost everything, or at least influences every organ in our body.  Routine screening is important.  The thyroid hormone affects the skin, heart, liver, kidney, intestines, and muscle. 


  • True disease occurs 0.1 to 2 percent of a adults
    • High TSH and Low T4
  • Subclinical hypothyroidism if 4-10 percent of adults
    • High TSH and Normal T4
  • 5-8 times greater in women than men.
    • Associated with women who are small at birth and childhood
  • As we get older, TSH naturally increases
  • Family History increases your risk

Thus, a significant proportion of the United States population has laboratory evidence of thyroid disease, suggesting that routine screening could be useful. (See ‘Screening’ below.)

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