Frequently Asked Questions

I will try to answer common, general questions here and will continue to grow this section. But if your question isn’t covered below, or specific in nature please don’t hesitate to contact me.

No, but it is helpful if you have insurance, particularly with referrals.  I designed this practice to help those that are burdened by excessive co-pays or as a business owners who can’t afford insurance.

No set hours.  Since I will continue to be a full-time emergency room doctor, the hours will vary.  With that said, you will be able to contact me easily and we can move forward with your health care.  Also, I am willing to meet early in the morning (prior to work) or early evenings (after work/school).

Absolutely, but texting is probably more reliable. All member patients have my direct line. Email is another great form of communication.

I prefer either Advanced Urgent Care (Quest) or Mariners Hospital.

As my patient, I will.  I certainly have referral patterns, but if I’m not certain or you have a recommendation, we will work together.

Most DPC practices recommend $100 a month with annual contracts with larger patient bases. I will be keeping my fees low and limiting my patient load to 50. My principal income will remain from emergency and urgent care medicine.  Due to this, there will be times that I am not available to connect except within 12 or 24 hours. However, maintaining my ER responsibilities, and not seeing volume, allows me to strike a balance between affordability and high-quality personalized care.


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