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Many of us wait to see the doctor because of co-pays, time, or no insurance. Over time, preventable medical conditions worsen causing unnecessary pain and suffering. Worst case scenario, you must go to an emergency room or be hospitalized.

Frustrating as we all know, is waiting for the call back from the doctor, or waiting excess time for your appointment. Once you see the doc, he/she is rushed by circumstances they can’t control. Not ideal.

To add insult to injury, the medical fees we are subject to constantly for copays and partial coverage can be devastating. Unfortunately, we are too familiar with this cycle.

Doc on the Rock in Key Largo, FL offers something different to my community, my home. As a Direct Primary Care practice (not concierge or boutique practice) I create a relationship-based, personalized care approach that is affordable. We see and communicate with each other as often as we need to get you healthy and stay healthy.

Currently, I’m a full-time emergency room/urgent care doctor. I keep my price affordable because I don’t have set office days. I do not offer labs nor x-rays, my patients utilize Advanced Urgent Care.

I have kept my practice small so I can obtain my goals. I will be opening my practice to new patients at the end of September for one last time. So those on the wait list will be contacted. Please feel free to schedule a phone consultation/conversation to make certain this is a good fit for you and/or your family.

Schedule a Phone Consultation

    For a simple affordable monthly fee we can get you on the road to a healthier you. (or keep you there!) 

    • $100 One Time Registration Fee
    • No Registration Fee for Children
    • No Contract – Cancel Anytime with 30 Day Notice.
    Pricing: Adults $50/month and Kids $25/month

    ** Maximum $50 for kids. Meaning no additional cost for more than two children. Must have one registered adult.  



    Personalized Care

    Through our relationship, we create a more personal treatment plan driving better outcomes and no more hurried office visits

    Unfettered Access

    Connect with me via text or email. Voicemail or video available and timely appointments.

    Lower Costs

    Fair costs for imaging, lab, and diagnostic services arranged for Doc On The Rock member patience. Whether with cash or through insurance.

    Pricing Transparency

    A single, low monthly rate paid directly to the physician. No deductibles, no co-pays, no third party billing and no health networks to navigate.


    Dr. Thomas Morrison is a physician in Key Largo, FL and has been practicing for 25 years and brings a variety of expertise to the Florida Keys community. Read on for further background information from the Doc On The Rock.

    • Went to a medical school that was considered the top 15 in the nation. While there did an internal pathology fellowship which was equivalent to the first year of residency.
    • Graduated 1995, and moved to New Orleans for 6 years. The first 18 months I rotated as a surgeon. Realized my calling was different, left the surgery program in 1996 and within 2 years became a Medical Director in a rural emergency department. Prior I became versed in occupational health (Lockheed Martin and Merchant Marine) and worked urban emergency department.
    • Realizing I would need to complete a Residency at some time, decided upon Family Medicine. I returned home to Miami and completed a 3-year residency at the University of Miami/Jackson.
    • Earned several recognitions during my tenure there. Then in 2003 took a full-time position with Jackson South Community Hospital while continuing to work emergency rooms.
    • Moved to Key Largo 2015 working at Mariners/Fishermen’s Hospital as Medical Director for the Emergency Room until 2019 when I stepped down. Still work as an Emergency doctor at both places, and in 2020 started working at Advance Urgent Care in Key Largo.
    Picture of Dr. Thomas Morrison MD. Headshot. Doc On The Rock.

    My commitment is to you, the patient. Improving access and healthcare outcomes for my Florida Keys community is the primary goal of this practice. Direct access and affordability are key ingredients to making this a success for everyone.

    Click the button below for more information about Doc on the Rock’s goals and expectations. Also refer to our FAQ page.


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    I’ll be writing and posting articles each quarter covering common questions and current medical events as well as helpful health information pertinent to our local community. Check back each quarter to see new material.

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