What is Direct Primary Care ?

What is Direct Primary Care ?


Direct Primary Care is a model of healthcare delivery in which the primary relationship is directly between patient and doctor. It is an alternative to the traditional insurance-based, fee-for-service model. Instead, primary care services and direct access to your primary care doctor are offered at an affordable monthly rate. You can have insurance to join a DPC, the practice simply won’t utilize it.

It is not concierge medicine. In concierge medicine, the annual rates only cover access to the doctor, and he or she will continue billing your insurance in addition to their fee for access.

DPC is more akin to medical practices we heard about in the ’30s to ’50s in which there were no insurance companies and physicians and patients actually had a relationship. The DPC movement started with small isolated practices probably 15 years ago, but in the past 6 years has gained momentum. 

Improved patient outcomes, simplicity, and affordability are the main drivers of this (not so new) health care model’s reemergence.


The Direct Primary Care model does have some advantages over traditional insurance. Also, know that they are not all the same. there may be other DPC practices in the Keys that are better suited for your specific circumstance.

Personalized Care

Through our relationship, we create a more personal treatment plan driving better outcomes and no more hurried office visits.

Unfettered Access

Connect with me via text or email. Voicemail or video available and timely appointments.

Pricing Transparency

A single, low monthly rate paid directly to the physician. No deductibles, no co-pays, no third party billing and no health networks to navigate.

Lower Costs

Fair costs for imaging, lab, and diagnostic services arranged for Doc On The Rock member patience. Whether with cash or through insurance.


I aim to improve access and healthcare outcomes for the Florida Keys community by being your go to “Doc On The Rock”


You can expect unfettered access to me; via text, voicemail, email, or video in addition to in-office appointments. I will be returning phone calls within 6 hours, by text or phone. While I am doing a shift in the emergency department or urgent care I may not be able to get back with you immediately. But I won’t leave you wondering. I will simply text you and let you know what is going on.


My principal income will remain from emergency and urgent care medicine. Due to this there will be times that I am not available to connect except within 12 or 24 hours. This is part of the reason I only charge $50/month. Most DPC practices recommend $100 a month with annual contracts. Others supplement the monthly fee with discounted lab or procedure fees. I will be keeping my membership fee low compared to traditional insurance. 


I am limiting my patient load to 60 patients. This will allow me to ensure high-quality personalized care for each and every member patient. I will consider expanding – but slowly. Too many times we lose contact with our docs because they are too busy. This is why I remain an emergency room doctor so that I do not have to see volume, maintaining quality encounters with each of you.

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