I have helped many over the phone, with the occasional Z-pak or blood pressure/thyroid medication.  It was always a Band-Aid, never thought out treatment plans.  Never was able to look at the big picture for my friends and “patients”.

Reminded me of when I was doing my second residency.  I had an intensely complicated patient who had been admitted to the hospital every 2 to 3 weeks.  I had to manage a myriad of problems and see him at least every 2 weeks.  Three months passed, and his conditions all stabilized.  He felt great.  I told him, ok now it’s time to come in for the full physical exam.  

Finally he comes in and I start my detailed exam.  There, LITERALLY, on the tip of his nose was cancer – squamous cell.  I missed it the entire 3 months, why?  Because I wasn’t looking.  I was focused on all the other medical ailments, just stabilizing him, so I missed it.

As we grow, as a practice, I will try not to provide any more Band-Aids, but be present for you all.

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